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The Full Story

What is The Truffle Shuffle?

Great question. We're not even sure we have the best definition, but it goes something like this: The Truffle Shuffle is a one-hour gravel crit for absolutely no reason. The Truffle Shuffle is open categories and no prize money. The Truffle Shuffle keeps registration costs low, swag availability high, and promotes an anything-goes elimination format. The Truffle Shuffle is locally cooked food and locally poured drinks. The Truffle Shuffle is the best gravel party with the wildest bunch of friends this side of the Mississippi. The only thing The Truffle Shuffle is missing is YOU!


Our Mission

We believe bike racing is for everyBODY, and we mean it! New to bike events, nervous about bigger races, or just curious? The Truffle Shuffle is the perfect place to spin your wheels, make some new pals, and get down with the bike community! We will ALWAYS have registration spots and special giveaways available for women, BIPOC, non-binary, transgender, intersex, and ALL diverse riders seeking the ultimate adventure.

By Cyclists For Cyclists

In January 2020, frustrated with the lack of representation and course availability in premier gravel races, Clare and Sally devised The Truffle Shuffle. Their first race was free to register, had 50 participants, and took place on a chilly February Sunday right before the pandemic hit full-swing.  What transpired that day became legend. The rest is history.

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